14 Pretty & Practical Home Office Essentials

Home Office Accessories

When I made the decision to visit my parents in mid-June, in my mind I assumed that I’ll stay with them for about 3-4 weeks and then head back to Bombay. But of course, life had other plans. Rather, the government had other plans.

Soon after I got here – to Calcutta, that is – flights between Bombay and Calcutta were almost all canceled, since Bombay was a COVID hotspot during those days. Of course, my office has been in a WFH mode all this while, so technically it didn’t matter where I was working from. And I am more than glad to have this bonus time with my parents.

But nonetheless, it’s required a bit of a mental shift to adjust to this extended stay, because I’d really only planned for about 3-4 weeks, and it’s now been close to 10 weeks!

I’ve been lucky that my parents had a spare desk set up, so thankfully the work part never really got impacted – I find that I more productive when I am working/blogging from a desk, rather than under the blankets in bed. :P But in the last few weeks, I’ve been missing those extra pretty details that just elevate the work from home life, you know!

Home Office Essentials
Image via Brook & Peony

The other day, I found myself on Pinterest, staring longingly at some gorgeous workspace inspiration, and long story short, I ended up with like 276 tabs open, adding plenty of pretty home office essentials to a nonexistent digital cart.

So well, here we are. Now you know exactly what prompted today’s post. I’ve rounded up some of the gorgeous home office beauties I’ve been eyeing because I figured maybe you could use the inspiration too! You knowwwww, since we’re all still doing the work-from-home thing at least for some more time!

Note: The post contains affiliate links.


These chic wooden shelves are just what you need for all your extra bobs and bits, and they won’t even take up valuable real estate on your desk.

Urban Outfitters; USD 29 onwards

home office essentials

Because who does not want a little splash of sunshine in their workspace, right? Especially since none of us have been getting much sun lately. This glass vase is bound to cheer you up no matter where you place it.

Anthropologie; USD 28


You could use this monitor stand as a desk organiser and no one will be any wiser! It is pricey, I’ll grant you that. But it’s a multi-tasker, so hopefully you can justify the price?

Anthropologie; USD 100


Go ahead, you deserve a little bit of zen, what with all the work and home juggling you’ve been doing for the past few months now! This marble essential oil diffuser is absolutely stunning and will elevate the look (and feel) of your workspace.

Amazon; USD 29.99

home office essentials

A girl (woman?) can’t have enough notebooks now, can she? And how gorgeous are these monogrammed notebooks!

Anthropologie; USD 24 (currently on sale for USD 20)

home office essentials

This hammered metal moon cycle banner will add just the perfect amount of bling and a hint of woo-woo around your desk.

Urban Outfitters; USD 18


Yes, even your work desk can do with a touch of coziness! Add this little lantern to your desk for that hygge feeling.

Good Earth; ~ USD 48


Where would we be without our dreams? This dreams jar comes with some prompts + blank cards. It could be just the Monday morning motivation that you need!

Kikki K; USD 26.95


Infuse some personality to your home work space with these minimalist, zodiac prints from these beautifully curated Australian shop.

Sunday Lane; AUD 39

Home office essentials

These planning essentials from Wilde House Paper will smarten up your desk and keep you perfectly organised through the week. It’s the exact embodiment of the “pretty AND practical” home office essentials that I called out in the title of this post.

Wilde House Paper; USD 63

AirPods Pro Case

Show some love to your AirPods which have been working overtime with these gorgeous floral cases.

Rifle Paper; USD 25

Cotton Midi Dress

For days when you’ve got to switch on the video on Zoom and appear uber professional and put together, this comfy yet stylish cotton dress would be your go-to.

Mango; USD 59.99

Lumbar Cushion

Your back will appreciate the additional support from this block print patterned lumbar cushion. Okay, sure, your back doesn’t care about the pattern, but your sense of aesthetic sure does! :)

Nicobar; ~ USD 16

Record Player

Okay, this is not strictly for work or for your desk, but we can’t be all about work and no play, right? This record player is one of the prettiest I’ve seen lately. :)

Urban Outfitters; USD 180

So well, I continue to be in dreamland. And this one below – from Anthropologie – is like all my current workspace dreams rolled into one. :P

What does your current workspace look like? Is your work office missing anything? Any pretty home office essentials you’ve been eyeing lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: All product images via the respective websites.

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  1. Some really great product suggestions here! Although, I’m afraid that if one gets ALL of them, there might be a little too much clutter on their desk ;D I’m currently working by my kitchen table and it definitely isn’t the most ideal option. The view is quite good though, but I’m really looking forwards to the day when I finally purchase and assemble a proper work corner into my bedroom. I like to keep my work station quite minimal: laptop, mouse, my journal and notepad with a cup of tea is everything I might ever need :)

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. Yeah, if I end up getting all of these things, it’ll not only be clutter, but also my bank balance that I’d be worried about! Especially with that Anthro desk thrown into the mix! ?

      It must be lovely to have a set up with a view. And I feel you, the kitchen table may not be ideal, but I think we’re all trying to do the best with what we have. And if anything, this pandemic has made it evident to me that I have enough. I may continue wanting more things, but as things stand today, I truly do have more than enough, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

  2. Such gorgeous inspiration! I am the same re being more productive working from a desk. (I say as I’m working from the bed again!!). It’s crazy how Covid changed our lives and plans. Hope you’re enjoying spending time with your parents :) x


    1. Thank you, Helen! Yes, this time with my parents has been a real blessing.

      This pandemic season has been CRAZY, but I know so many others have suffered real loss through it all, so I honestly feel I have nothing to complain about. I am healthy, my loved ones are healthy, my work continues like normal. So yes, so much to be thankful for. :)

      Have a lovely day. :)

  3. Oh boy! My wishlist for my office is already 3 miles long and I think you just made it another 10 haha! I love the items you picked out here. Talk about a cheerful and beautiful office space. I hope you get a chance to create that area for yourself very soon :)

    1. Yessss! Here’s hoping. :)

      And I love all these tiny little bits. A part of me wants to be super minimal with my setup, but then I love having small pretty pieces around because I think they infuse so much personality to your space. :)

  4. Haha my home office space is lacking one essential thing– tidiness. I am living in an half remodeled space (I spare you the number of years) and I am looking at boxes of stuff to sell, an ironing board of all the things I want to sew and garments to fix as well as my photo equipment. It’s a mess and I am overwhelmed on how to fix it. Therefore I dive into Pinterest to rest my eyes on pretty spaces. I do like the wooden shelves.

    1. I am no neat freak myself, so I know what you mean. There’s almost always a corner of my house that’s become a dump yard for all of the things! :)