16 Fresh Floral Art Prints to Liven Up Your Space

floral art print options for your home
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Gorgeous art prints can be an excellent addition to any space, and today I’ve rounded up some of my top picks for floral art prints.

I know it was Claude Monet who said that “I must have flowers, always, and always” but it could very well have been me! My floral-and-botanical-loving millennial heart would love to splurge on fresh, pretty flowers every single week, but between caring about my bank account and the upkeep required, I’d say it’s more of an occasional indulgence these days.

And since we’re talking about millennial habits, yes, it’s my ultimate dream to create a thriving urban jungle within my apartment. I love my plant babies, but damn, keeping them alive is no easy feat! But do you know what’s even harder than keeping just a leafy plant alive? Keeping a flowering plant alive! And I’ve tried. Trust me, many a rose and hibiscus and marigold plants have been sacrificed in my quest to become the proverbial millennial plant lady.

Sooooooo, until I get around to being able to buy fresh flowers every few days or learning the art of keeping flowering plants alive (okay, okay – any plants alive!), I am going to try and get my floral decor fix by putting up some gorgeous floral art prints on the walls.  

These are some of the art prints that have caught my eye during my late-night trawling of the interwebs in the last few weeks:


floral art print options for your home

Flowerbed #3 / Kimmy Hogan

This was one of those times when going down an Instagram rabbit hole actually turned out to be a good thing. One look at these overblown flowers with a muted color palette, and I was hooked. The overblown flowers thing seems to be a hallmark of Kimmy Hogan’s work, which I’ve come to love. In this particular piece, I love how that addition of green adds just the right amount of pop to the overall image. I can’t wait to get one of her prints for my new place once I move. Her work is a little pricier than most other prints that I’ve seen, but I think there is something about the uniqueness of it that makes it worth it.

from $540, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Flowers #3 / Carla Llanos

I seem to have a thing for big flowers and I am not mad about it. Carla’s prints and illustrations, especially her floral ones are really quite fabulous. Check out the rest of the floral series here. Unfortunately, I’ve seen some really cheap imitations of her work, which is rather saddening.

from £38, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Greenhouse Garden / Sabina Fenn

Yes, yes, I know. This is more botanical than floral, but I simply could not resist including this in the roundup. Having a greenhouse of my own is a pipe dream at best, so until then, this greenhouse artwork would have to do.

from $18, buy here


floral art print options for your home

She is Protected / Jasmine Dowling

I am an unapologetic Jasmine Dowling fan girl. She is an extraordinary creative genius, and her Instagram is a thing of joy! In this particular piece, I adore the use of a net to add a touch of interest to the image. And that title though!

from AUD 59, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Matisse Quote / Rifle Paper

Floral print but make it typographic. To me, this print is such a quintessential Rifle Paper work with its detailed florals and vibrant colors. And that quote is such an evergreen one that I don’t think you can go wrong with this pick.

from $24, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Flower of the Year / Coco Shalom

Floral art prints do not always have to be a riot of colors. I loved this simple and minimalist floral rendition. There is such fluidity and grace in the shape of the flowers.

from $22, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Tokyo / Astrid Wilson

Astrid Wilson’s entire flower market series is absolutely gorgeous. My favourites are this Tokyo piece, the Honolulu one, and the Colombo one. Sadly, this is one artwork I have seen too many imitations of on Etsy.

from kr299, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Peonies / Society6

Society6 is such a treasure trove of reasonably priced good art that it’s really difficult to choose just one. This one was the perfect marriage of two of my loves – peonies + black & white images. What’s not to love!

from $26.99, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Life with Flowers / Society6

My second pick from Society6. The bold visual imagery in this illustration really caught my eye, and something about it just screams self-care to me. So obviously, it had to make the roundup.

from $26.99, buy here


floral art print options for your home
floral art print options for your home

#IsolationSeries / Jamie Beck

This series of images created by photographer extraordinaire, Jamie Beck, during the first quarantine season in 2020 is one of the best pieces of quarantine art that I’ve seen. The moodiness of the setting coupled with the sheer dreaminess of it all just completely arrests me. I am in complete awe of this entire series – it’s really hard to pick just one of two favorites.

from $50, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Hanagasumi Poster / Desenio

‘Exhibition poster’ style art prints are having a moment these days, and this cherry blossom, Japan-inspired art print really caught my eye.

from £9.95, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Abstract Botanical Navy Shadows #2  / Caryn Owen

I love the use of negative space in this dark-toned abstract floral art print. I think it would make for an arresting piece in an otherwise light-filled room.

from $24, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Sunflower / Juniper Print Shop

Sunflowers are one of my absolute favorite flowers. This bright and bold art print is available both as a digital download as well as a printed option.

from $20, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Abstract Florals / Dan Hobday on Etsy

This stunning and extremely affordable art print duo is available as a digital download, which you can totally blow up to a large print size.

$18.70, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Colorful Flower Print / Emily Kinsella on Etsy

This bold and colorful art print is a real showstopper! It would be a perfect pop of color on dark and gloomy days.

from $18, buy here


floral art print options for your home

Marigold & Mogra / Richa Kashelkar

I’ve been a huge fan of Richa’s art for a while now and own a couple of her works. I love how she uses local, Indian motifs in an arresting and unique style.

from ~$29, buy here

Do you love using art prints to decorate your house? Let me know in the comments below if you have recommendations for more artists that I can check out!

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