Best Astrology Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

Astrology Instagram Accounts to follow

Astrology is not a new subject by any means but thanks to millennials, in the last few years it’s become somewhat of a pop culture trend. The astrology hashtag on Instagram boasts 8m+ posts while both #astrologyposts and #astrologymemes hit around the 750,000 posts mark.

Astrology has come a long way from the daily horoscopes that we used to seek out in newspapers. In today’s world of zodiac memes, Insta-famous astrologers, and relatable books and content, astrology has almost received a fresh lease of life and I am here for it!

It’s safe to say that astrology has moved on from being a token of a ‘hippie’ culture fascination to a fairly mainstream acceptance.

The basic premise of astrology has remained the same over centuries: it uses the 12 signs of the zodiac and the planets and their energies associated with them to offer a system for understanding relationships and life.

Its recent popularity has been fueled by two factors: one, the increased stress and uncertainty of our lives makes us crave for kind of structure, control, and predictability that astrology seems to provide. Two, the ability of modern-day astrologers to distill this centuries-old system in an approachable and compelling manner into easily digestible content.

The way astrology is presented today in popular culture and on social media, there is enough content on both sides of the spectrum: fluff for the lighthearted astro dabbler on one side, and depth for the more serious-minded unraveler of psychic mysteries on the other side. The meme-ification + in-depth takes go hand in hand on Instagram these days.

My Experience with Astrology

I am no astrologer myself, but I’ve rather enjoyed this revival in astrology. My first introduction to it was via Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and Love Signs books. It was a fun, harmless hobby for my teenage self, and my friends and I spent hours trying to decode ourselves people around us based on their sun signs. Over the years, my only connection to astrology was reading the daily sun sign predictions that newspapers used to run, without really attaching any significance to it.

My reintroduction to astrology came around three years ago (or maybe it was four). I don’t remember how I stumbled upon the Look Up the Stars Instagram account, but her content somehow made me feel seen.

As I started browsing through these new-age takes on astrology, it became increasingly clear to me that modern-day astrology went way deeper than just your sun sign. Since then, I’ve had my natal chart profiled and have even gotten a solar return reading done around my birthday. In the hands of a competent astrologer, your readings can seem as powerful as therapy, but that’s a story for another day.

Astrology and Instagram – The Best Astrology Instagram Accounts to Follow

It’s but natural that the astrology trend has found a home of its own on Instagram. No matter your level of interest or knowledge, these are some of the best names in astrology to follow on Instagram. Use their spiritual guidance to help you navigate through life and learn more about yourself at the same time.

1| @costarastrology

The Instagram offshoot of the super-popular Co-Star app, this one is a more meme-ish take on astrology rather than the in-depth nature presented in the app. Not that it makes it any less appealing.

2| @nadinejane_astrology

Her uplifting messages packaged in easy language and arresting graphics have made her one of my favorite astrologers on Instagram. She’s currently busy writing her book, so her account is infrequently updated (bummer!). But you better believe that I am pre-ordering her book when it comes out!

3| @sistersvillage

If you’re looking for funny memes or flashy takes, this is not the account for you. But if you’re looking for wholesome, educational, and accessible astrology content, you should definitely follow Amy McDermott’s Sisters Village account!

4| @astroccult

If not for the bio and heading of the account, @astroccult would almost pass for a retro visual library. But while you may come for the imagery, stay for the detailed and insightful messages about major astro events. Kathryn, the force behind @astroccult also runs a quarterly astrology magazine – As Above So Below – which is worth checking out if you’re an astrology aficionado.

5| @lookupthestarsastro

Ahhh, the one that started it all for me. Her Instagram account has a good dose of quick informative takes, but what really stands out for me is her signs-as-pie-charts memes! They are eerily accurate and a whole lotta fun.

And while you’re here, I should also tell you that her weekly forecast newsletter is absolutely fabulous – I’ve been a subscriber for over two years now, and it’s one the best things to read on Sunday evening/Monday morning. Also, I really want to put it out there that her readings are absolutely phenomenal! They tend to be on the pricier side, I’ve not had another one that has matched her level of insight and compassion. They make me feel completely seen and understood without an iota of judgment. (ps – this is not sponsored, and is not even an affiliate link. I really just love her work that much!).

6| @chaninicholas

She’s one of the most popular modern-day astrologers out there, and I think it comes from her accessible and friendly take on the stars and the signs. It also helps that she manages to warmly weave self-care into her messages – even her book is titled “You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance“! Her Instagram account is really like a soothing balm for the soul.

7| @mrkylethomas

I was introduced to his work via the monthly horoscope feature on Wit & Delight, and I was amazed to see how true his guidance ran for me. His messages are profound in their simplicity and always incredibly insightful.

8| @etherealculture

Juliana McCarthy’s Instagram account is a mix of astrological and spiritual insights. Through her book The Stars Within You, she’s broken down astrology into a powerful self-exploration tool. Her newsletter is also worth subscribing to.

I’ll admit – I had a few more astrologers to add to my roundup today, but I realized they haven’t updated their accounts in months, so I’ve kept them off the list for now. I’ll try to update this list periodically as and when I find more amazing astrology accounts on Instagram.

Let me know your astrology Instagram accounts! I am a self-confessed astrology sucker, so I am always game for more things astro! :)

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