How it all began

In its earliest avatar, Sage & Bloom was known as The Good Living Blog. From a place where “you’ll find a little bit of everything that delights and inspires me”, this space has evolved to what I hope is a one-stop destination for all things self-discovery, aligned living, and personal growth.

The journey

What started out as soft whispers of personal soul rumblings way back in 2018 ultimately became an unignorable soundtrack that I couldn’t find the off-button to as the pandemic ravaged the world and I stared at the ending of my marriage.

No longer content with the uninspired languishing that I had been subjecting my life to, I started journaling copiously, sought counseling, learned breathwork, practiced gratitude and forgiveness, read books that inspired both hope and love, and mostly, tried to find my way back to my center.


The way forward

Today, I consider myself a soul in process. Self-love, self-enrichment, personal growth… none of these is a one-time thing. It’s an ongoing journey and one that brings so much love and fulfillment to this thing we call life.

I am not a coach or a counselor, but I have walked the path of uninspired living and I know how crushing it starts to feel after a while.

The stories and articles on Sage & Bloom are not meant to sell you a magic pill that will take away all your frustrations and discomfort but to show you the power of self-love as the key to your healing.

If you’re looking to begin your healing journey, start with self-love.

If you’re looking for a life of contentment & happiness, start with some journaling, mindset work, and inspired action.

If you’re looking for a little dose of energetic magic, start with affirmations and high-vibe living resources.

And if you’re looking for some extra support and resources, you can email me at hello {at} sageandbloom {dot} co, or sign up for The Bloom Digest for a weekly-ish dose of inspiration & good vibes.

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